Terms & Conditions

1. Deliveries & Storage Fees

– Once full payment has been received, a mutually suitable delivery date will be arranged between Organic Empire and the client.
– In the unlikely event of Organic Empire not being able to meet the delivery date as confirmed, the client will be informed to make suitable alternative arrangements.

– Deliveries will only be made where the merchandise can fit in lifts, staircases or fits through doors. No merchandise will be hoisted.
– If a furniture piece cannot fit through a door or up a flight of stairs and after all avenues have been exhausted to no avail, the client will be refunded, but Organic Empire will subtract the actual delivery charge quoted as well as a 10% handling fee on the product if it is a normal and not custom made product. If it is a custom made product, the item cannot be returned.

– Deliveries will take place on working days during office hours.
– The delivery crew will not be responsible to move existing furniture in order to place new furniture
items. Please ensure that space has been created to place new merchandise.
– A storage fee will apply for delayed collections or deliveries after one week.
– Collection of furniture is on own risk.
– Clients need to bring assistance for the collection of furniture. The Organic Empire team does not always have enough staff to assist with the loading thereof.
– We use a 3rd party courier company to deliver our furniture and products- deliveries are at the discretion of the courier company, and if deliveries cannot be made to inaccessible sites (e.g. Timbuktu), Organic Empire will contact the purchaser to arrange a suitable delivery place.
– Completion dates are approximate only and do not form any term or condition of agreement. Every effort will be made to adhere to the estimates but Organic Empire accepts no liability for any direct
or indirect loss arising from delay.

2. Cancellation of Orders

– A 10% handling fee will apply if a client cancels an order once manufacturing has already commenced.
– A custom-made item cannot be cancelled, changed, returned or refunded at any time.
– No cash refunds will be given.

3. Returns and Repairs

– Every effort will be made to ensure the goods you have ordered arrive undamaged and without defect. If the goods are found to be either damaged or defective in any way at the time of delivery, you must mark this on the delivery note immediately, which will be provided by Organic Empire.
– In the unlikely event that an item is damaged or defects are detected, complaints should be reported within 3 days from the date of delivery to the branch where the item was originally purchased.

Where possible, any defects will be repaired. Where necessary, items with a defect that cannot be repaired will be replaced. This decision will be at Organic Empire’s discretion. Please note that not all natural scratches and marks on leather, as well as not all knots and cracks in wood, can be classified as defective. Our items are manufactured with these imperfections still visible.

– Should a client wish to return an item that was made on order, that has already been delivered and which does not exhibit any visible defects, a 10% handling fee will apply and transport costs will not be refunded. Returns will only be granted within 7 days of delivery. Returns on custom made items are not allowed.

– Every effort will be made to supply goods to sample size and colour. Due to the products being “hand-made”, they may not exactly match the product itself, or it’s colour. Organic Empire cannot be held responsible for slight variations which may occur.
– No cash refunds will be given.

– Sale items cannot be returned or repaired.

4. Disputation

If at any time a dispute occurs between Organic Empire and a client with regards to deliverables of any nature, Organic Empire reserves the right to terminate the contract without stating any reasons. In such circumstances Organic Empire will reimburse any monies received from the client, as well as any interest earned. There will be no further obligations between the two parties upon termination

of the contract.

5. After-sales service and guarantee

– Please note that leather has natural markings and colour variations, while wood has knots, small cracks and colour variations. Our items are manufactured with these imperfections still visible.
– Although we are confident that if cared for properly, our furniture will last for many years, we cannot provide a lifetime guarantee. Any furniture piece will show signs of wear and tear, especially under direct sunlight conditions and in extreme weather conditions eg. high levels of humidity and or very dry weather.

– We enjoy a policy of open communication with clients. Clients are urged to immediately discuss any problems which may arise. We arrange on-site inspections where necessary. After consultation with the client, we will suggest a solution.
– Should a problem occur within the first few weeks or months after purchase, it is very likely that it will be repaired or resolved with minimal fuss. However, after longer periods, we are obliged to ask the necessary standard questions and might charge an amount based on the extent of the repair.
– We do all repairs on an ex-factory basis. Should you decide to take your furniture to an inaccessible site, we cannot unfortunately cover the transportation cost.

6. Care instructions

We produce high quality furniture and take tremendous pride in doing so. Please be aware that natural leather markings are normal to appear in upholstered items, eg. healed scars, variations in graining, wrinkles, veining and differences in colour tone. These are distinctive signs of the animal’s life which also accentuates the authenticity of leather. Wooden furniture will show knots and small cracks and will show colour variation – especially in live-edge slabs. This is part of the “organic” nature of the product and cannot be seen as a defect.

7. Wood furniture

-All our furniture is already treated and sealed with Rubio Oil on delivery of your order.
– It is optional to treat our timber furniture with Rubio Oil, sand the wood lightly with a 200 grit
sanding paper before applying Rubio Oil to finish.
– Please do not use abrasive or harsh chemicals on timber for cleaning. A weak Sunlight liquid solution or a damp cloth for cleaning is sufficient.
– Avoid soaking furniture (exposing it to rain etc.) or exposing furniture to direct sunlight and heat
and extreme humidity conditions, as this will cause timber to expand and contract, resulting in warping and cracks.

8. Fabric upholstered furniture

– Avoid exposing your fabric upholstered furniture to direct sunlight, as this will cause the fabric to fade faster.
– Spills can be wiped off or even washed off using a standard household fabric cleaner.
– A fibre protection (scotch guarding) is recommended for high traffic areas in order to improve stain resistance.

9. Leather furniture

– Never expose your upholstered leather couch or chair to direct sunlight or extreme weather. This will cause the leather to fade or crack faster.
– Regular treating of leather furniture with leather food is advisable. We advise you to treat your leather furniture once or twice a year.

– It is important to be aware that all types of leather fade over time, and fading is not an indication of material defect.

10. Custom Orders

Do you need something more “custom”?
Contact us directly, we are able to advise you on products and ideas. We also work with interior designers, architects, individuals and building renovators according to your plans.

11. Methods of Payment
11.1 For CUSTOM Orders
An order is only processed on receipt of a 50% deposit. Your order becomes binding as soon as we have received your deposit. Custom orders begin production immediately to your specifications (colour, size, design, etc.). They cannot be cancelled, changed, returned or refunded at any time. We accept credit and debit cards and EFT payments, NO CASH for security reasons. The balance must be paid in full by the above payment methods before delivery is made, with no exceptions. All delivery charges must be paid in full prior to delivery. The product remains the property of Organic Empire until payment has been made in full.

11.2 For online or in-store Purchases

– All orders must be paid in full, including delivery fees for orders to be dispatched.
– We do not offer layby options through PayFast – but Organic Empire maintains an open communication policy with our clients – please contact us directly should you have any queries.

12. Promotions and Sales

All discount offers exclude “promotional items” unless otherwise specified. All pricing can be confirmed on the business system. All sales stock are subject to availability while stocks last.

13. Vouchers / Gift Cards

Vouchers / Gift cards are limited to one person per coupon and cannot be redeemed for cash. Coupons are limited to their expiry date and cannot be redeemed thereafter.

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