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Organic Empire consists of a small team of highly skilled craftsmen who are passionate about creating unique, 100% handmade, solid wood furniture and natural designs. We have a strong focus on elemental forms, natural materials and functional designs. Our goal is to custom-build fine-crafted furniture and designs into all living spaces- including hospitality, retail, residential and commercial spaces.

As a South African based company we embrace diverse cultures around the world which we incorporate into all our furniture and designs and this has given us a cutting-edge advantage in our unique industry – both locally and abroad.

Our Products & Materials

We specialise in Live-Edge Wood as our main source of natural wood. The wood of this extremely rare tree is exclusive to Southern Africa and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Live-Edge Wood has a natural beauty which is incomparable to any natural, living woods out there. To own a piece of this rare wood; which is nothing short of majestic – is truly a unique privilege. Organic Empire has a deep love for the Live-Edge Wood tree and it’s wood – so we ensure to make every effort to source this wood ethically- in order to preserve it’s natural balance within Southern Africa. “The texture, smell and grain of Live-Edge Wood will ignite the beating drums of Africa within your soul.

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