What makes our furniture sustainable?

Organic Empire takes pride in locally producing high quality solid timber furniture and décor. Our furniture is designed to last. We use high quality timber and materials, built to “out-last” traditional, mass-produced furniture. Our finishing products and oils are all plant-based – assuring safer chemicals and reducing our carbon footprint. We source most of our timber locally- with some exceptions. We also go far and beyond to source our timber as ethically as possible. Organic Empire firmly believes that each piece is not “just a piece of wood”; but a living organism deserving of respect.

Furniture Store & Custom Furniture Designs

Why the wait?

Each piece is locally produced, in our own, Johannesburg- based factory. We have a small team of highly skilled craftsmen who work relentlessly at ensuring all expectations are met so that you get a piece you will love. It takes time to source timber ethically, and because each piece is hand-crafted and purpose-built, we take no short-cuts when it comes to quality. We understand time is a precious commodity in our busy lives – but time is a small price to pay for the long-lasting quality of our furniture.







Why support us?

It’s easy. We are passionate about creating quality, functional furniture pieces. We put YOU first all the time and your living space and lifestyle means the world to us. We want to create value to your life, one piece at a time. We believe that great service and quality products go hand in hand, and we love forming bonds with all of our clients. Our store is “online” for now, while we find the perfect store to reflect our brand. We urge and welcome all new clients to visit us personally at our production factory, to come meet the team and to put your mind at ease.

We are going green

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is used as ornamental garden features, perfect for screening and hedging, providing superior decorative privacy.

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